Tokyo, Japan

Position Type: Tutor

Contract: Part time, contractor

Location: Tokyo

Closing Date: 2024-06-30

Job Start: ASAP

Role: Tutor - Science and/or Computer Science

Responsible to: Company Director

Responsibilities: To deliver high quality learning programs in line with QUEST TOKYO expectations and training

Teaching and Learning

  • - Ensure teaching and learning is targeted and challenging
  • - Focus on progress and success
  • - Give clear, immediate and ongoing oral/written feedback so pupils know how to improve
  • - Assess and report on the development, progress and attainment of pupils
  • - Plan programs of work, using assessment to inform future planning
  • - Manage and maintain high standards of pupil behaviour in all learning situations
  • - Communicate articulately with the parents of pupils about their child's progress
  • - Provide learning tasks to be completed outside the lesson where appropriate

Other Specific Responsibilities

  • - Attend and participate in staff training
  • - Ensure health and safety of all pupils
  • - Take responsibility in an emergency situation
  • - Supervise pupils outside of lessons when necessary
  • - Monitor attendance of pupils
  • - Participate in exhibitions of work/progress where necessary

Person Specification

Must have a valid visa and eligibility to work part time in Japan.
Experience within the British education system will be of particular advantage to any candidate.

Experience - evidence of

  • - Successful secondary school teaching
  • - Ensuring and assessing pupil progress
  • - Excellent outcomes for pupils
  • - Interest in engaging lesson design
  • - Passion for teaching

Knowledge, skills and abilities

  • - Knowledge of child development stages and curriculum development
  • - Engaging and impactful teaching skills
  • - Commitment to being a positive team member
  • - Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • - Ability to work under pressure, prioritise tasks and manage time effectively to meet deadlines

Disposition - evidence of

  • - Personal and intellectual qualities required to set an example to pupils
  • - Ability to work on own initiative and be proactive
  • - Commitment to excellence and to significantly raise the skills and personal achievements of each pupil
  • - Flexibility, drive, energy and enthusiasm
  • - Reliability and commitment
  • - Warmth, approachability and a sense of humour


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Application Form

Section 1

1. Personal Details

2. Teaching Qualifications

3. Education

Include (Most recent first): Schools (O Level/GCSE and A-level or equivalent); College/University; Teaching Qualification; Graduate Degree/NPQ Qualification

Institution Name Grades/Results Dates Action

Section 2

1. Current Employment Details

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Current employer postal address*
Current employer country
Current employer website
Current post held
Type of school
Number of students on roll
Date appointed (YYYY-MM-DD)

2. Previous Teaching / Employment Experience (most recent first)

Type of School Country Name of School/Company Post Held Number on Roll Dates Action

3. Personal interests, including extracurricular activities

4. Details of any significant illness during last 2 years, including days off sick in last 12 months


1. Referees

Referees must be current Head of School / or current employer.

School Name / Company Name*
Professional relation to you*
May we take this reference now?*

School Name / Company Name*
Professional relation to you*
May we take this reference now?*

2. Availability

Please indicate any dates you are not available for interview


This is a post which involves working directly with children or young people. You are therefore required to declare whether you have any criminal convictions (or cautions or bind-overs) including those which are “spent”.

Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings or equivalent in other countries in which you have lived? If yes please give details here.

Are you included in any list of people barred from working with children by the Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) or the NCTL (National College of Teaching and Leadership) – or equivalent in other countries in which you have lived? If yes please give details here.

Visa Status and validity period

Upload Documents

Please make sure your file names contain only alphanumeric characters (no special characters).

Please Note

  • If your application is successful, prior to taking up your post, you will be required to undergo a background check. This will require you to complete a separate application form and to provide more than one piece of documentary evidence of your identity.
  • Although a criminal record involving offences against children is likely to debar you from appointment of this type of post, the existence of other criminal convictions will not necessarily be a bar to employment.
  • Any criminal record information arising out of the background check process will be discussed with you before any final decision is made about your employment.

Only complete applications, including all the documents listed above, will be considered. It should be understood that nothing in this form constitutes a contract.