DBS Denla British School

Bangkok, Thailand

Position Type: Teacher

Contract: Full-Time

School: Pre-Prep/Prep School/Senior School

Location: Nonthaburi

Closing Date: December 02, 2022

Job Start: August 2023

Person Specification

(E is Essential; D is Desired)


  • Bachelor Degree related to Mandarin. (E)

  • Postgraduate Certificate of Education (or equivalent). (E)

  • Qualified Teacher Status. (D)


Skills and Experience

  • A minimum of two years relevant teaching experience. (D)

  • Experience of preparing students for IGCSE Mandarin examinations. (D)

  • Experience of preparing students for A level Mandarin examinations. (D)

  • Experience of preparing students for YCT and HSK Mandarin examinations. (D)

  • Experience of working with children who have English as a Second Language. (D) 

  • Excellent working knowledge of the National Curriculum for England. (E)

  • A high level of subject knowledge. (E)

  • An understanding of how Digital Technologies can be used to enhance the curriculum. (D)

  • A strong academic background, stature and experience that will command the respect of students, parents, colleagues and the wider community. (E)

  • An understanding of the demands of a UK independent day school environment. (D)

  • A commitment to academic progress and the welfare and safeguarding of students. (E)

  • Experience of curriculum development in the subject. (D)

  • Knowledge and understanding of recent educational developments and best practice. (E)


Personal Qualities

  • Ability to stretch the most able students, whilst also ensuring the curriculum is accessible to all. (E)

  • Ability to inspire children with a love of learning. (E)

  • An understanding of the needs, challenges and opportunities of an international school community. (E)

  • Strong personal-relations and team-working skills. (E)

  • Ability to use ICT to enhance learning. (E)

  • Energy, charisma and dynamism with the vision and drive to create productive learning environments and excellent outcomes for all children. (E)

  • Ability to work with and apply all school policies. (E)

  • Rigorous can-do attitude, positive team player with a sense of humour. (E)

  • Be willing to work hard and with enthusiasm, avoiding a ‘nine-to-five’ approach. (E)

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Application Form

Section 1

1. Personal Details

2. Teaching Qualifications

3. Education

List all your school results and qualifications, most recent first. Please include dates as well as school and university names and locations.

Institution Name/Location Qualifications/Results Dates Action

Section 2

1. Current Employment Details

If currently not employed please list most recent employment details and dates.

Current employer name*
Current employer postal address*
Current employer country
Current employer website
Current post held
Current monthly salary before tax, in GBP.*
Type of school
Number of students on roll
Date appointed (YYYY-MM-DD)
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2. Previous Teaching / Employment Experience (most recent first)

Type of School Country Name of School/Company Post Held Number on Roll Dates Action

3. Personal interests, including extracurricular activities

Section 3

1. Medical self declarations

You are applying to work and live in Asia. In order to ensure a successful placement in an international teaching post we need to gather sensitive information including personal medical condition, accommodation needs and educational requirements for accompanying children. Please be assured this information is considered confidential and will only be used to inform the recruitment process.

Section 4

1. Referees

Must include current or most recent Head Teacher. Other references can be a previous head teacher or member of the senior leadership team.

School Name / Company Name*
Professional relation to you*
May we take this reference now?*

School Name / Company Name*
Professional relation to you*
May we take this reference now?*

School Name / Company Name*
Professional relation to you*
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2. Availability

Please indicate any dates you are not available for interview

Section 5


Please answer all questions. For every 'Yes' answer, please provide a detailed legible account of the circumstances that include sanction, date, reason and full identification of the authority, police force or court concerned.

Have you ever been the subject of a investigation bar, partial bar, warning or other action by a secretary of state the Independent safeguarding authority or any competent authority (including police, arbitral body, governmental regulatory authority or agency, domestic or foreign) in any jurisdiction in relation to working with children, sexual related crimes, unethical conduct, abusive conduct or any other misconduct?*

Were you the subject of any court order, judgment or decree, which was not subsequently reversed, suspended, or vacated? Do you have any convictions, cautions, reprimands or final warnings that are not protected as, for example, defined by the (UK) Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) Order 1975 (as amended in 2013) by SI 2013 1198?

Do you have any convictions, charges, reprimands or criminal records in any non-UK countries?

Have you ever been subject to any disciplinary sanction by any professional or regulatory body or are you currently the subject of investigation by such a body?

Is there a current employment disciplinary finding against you and / or are you currently the subject of an employer’s disciplinary investigation?

Is there any other information we should know about which may have a bearing on your suitability to work with children or vulnerable adults? Activities which could bring the reputation of the School or profession into disrepute?

All information disclosed will be handled confidentially. Previous convictions will not automatically prevent your application from proceeding as we consider the nature of the offence, how long ago, at what age it was committed and any other relevant factors.

Visa Status and validity period (if applicable)

Upload Documents

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I Agree

Only complete applications, including all the documents listed above, will be considered.

It should be understood that nothing in this form constitutes a contract.